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UMUC BGMT464 Final Project: Organizational Level of Analysis




Final Project: Organizational Level of Analysis;You are to research and analyze the organizational performance and effectiveness of one of the organizations listed below. You will also propose recommendations for change and improvement.;Google;Target;Microsoft;Wal-Mart;FAA;FDIC;The specific tasks are outlined below;Interview, if available, organizational members, research the organization's web sites, and use at least four other academic or highly respected business publications to gather information and research issues.;Do a SWOT analysis on the organization.;Document and evaluate strategies or interventions that the organization could use to enhance its performance and effectiveness.;Propose and evaluate recommendations for improvements in the organization.;The focus of the research will be on examining and analyzing OB issues at the organization-systems level. The report may address concepts, theories, and proposed solutions relating to effective human resource practices, leadership challenges, organization structural design and organization change, culture and development and their effect on organization and employee productivity, turnover, absence, satisfaction, citizenship, etc.;Deliverable;The deliverable will be an eight-page, double-spaced report. The report must include a cover page and bibliography, follow APA guidelines for citation, and use one-inch margins and 10- or 12-point type. Four references other than the course material are required. You are expected to paraphrase and not use quotes. Deductions will be taken when quotes are used and found to be unnecessary.


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