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BUS435 Module 7 assignment




In Excel spreadsheet Complete Chapter 17 Problems 2, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12 (note: assume weekly demand is 135, not 175;Citrix Receiver Directions;The Citrix Receiver must be installed on each computer you will use to access GCU applications.;? Go to;? Click Download Receiver for Windows or Download Receiver for Macdepending on your platform.;? Click the license agreement checkbox, then click Continue.;A file called CitrixReceiverWeb.exe (or CitrixReceiverWeb.dmg for Mac) will download to your computer.;? After the file downloads, open it to start the Citrix Receiver Installer. Mac users will need to click the Install Citrix Receiver.pkgthat appears.;? Follow the instructions to install the Receiver (this may take a few minutes).;? After the installation is complete Receiver will be ready to run your applications.;Note: If you receive the "Enter your work email or server address" message shown below, simply click Cancel.;? To start GCU applications, open in your web browser and login with your GCU\username and password.;? You will be presented with icons for your applications similar to those pictured below. Click the application you want to start and it will begin to load.;Note: If after clicking an icon the website downloads a file like the one below, open the file to start the application.;Attachments;BUS435_Module_7_TEMPLATES-1.xlsx (32.21 KB)


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