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Working With Families: The Case of Carol and Joseph




Working With Families: The Case of Carol and Joseph;Carol is a 23-year-old heterosexual Caucasian American female and the mother of a 1-;year-old baby girl. She is currently unemployed, having previously worked for a house cleaning;company. The baby is healthy and developmentally on target, and she and the parents appear to;be well bonded with one another. Carol lives in a rented house with her husband, Joseph. Joseph;is a 27-year-old heterosexual Hispanic male. He was recently arrested at their home for a drug;deal, which he asserts was a setup. Both parents were charged with child endangerment because;weapons were found in the child?s crib and drugs were found in the home. The parents assert that;the child never sleeps in the crib but in their bed. As a result of the parents? arrest, Social;Services was notified, and the child was temporarily placed in a kinship care arrangement with;the maternal grandmother, who resides nearby. As a result of Joseph?s arrest, he was fired from;the cleaning company where he worked, and the family is now experiencing financial;difficulties.;After initial contact was made with the parents, a number of concerns were noted and the;family was recommended for additional case management. The grandmother indicated that she;had concerns about Carol?s drinking habits and stated that Carol?s father and grandfather were;alcoholics. She and the father separated when Carol was a baby, and Carol has had only limited;contact with him. There appears to be significant tension between the grandmother and Carol and;Joseph. I addressed the alcohol issue with both parents, who denied there was a problem, but;shortly after the discussion, Carol was involved in a serious car accident with the baby in the car;and she was determined to have been under the influence of alcohol. I advised Carol that she Social Work Case Studies for SOCW 6000 / Page 2;could not have any unsupervised contact with her child until she completed intensive inpatient;substance abuse treatment. I made arrangements for her placement, but after a week, she was;discharged for noncompliance with the rules. She was then referred to an intensive outpatient;program and began therapy there. Initially her attendance was erratic because she had lost her;license as a result of the DUI. Eventually, however, she became engaged in the program and;began to address her issues. She acknowledged that she had begun using drugs at a very young;age, but said that she had only begun drinking in the previous year or so. We discussed the;genetics of her family, and she said that she realized that she had deteriorated rapidly since;beginning to drink and knew that she simply could not drink alcohol.;Joseph?s mother is deceased, and his father travels extensively in his job and is not;available as a support. Joseph was very devoted to his mother and was devastated by her;premature death. We discussed the strengths that he and Carol demonstrated in staying together;and working out their problems. Joseph indicated that as a Hispanic man, family is very;important to him and he wants his family to stay together. Although they have been struggling;financially, Joseph has obtained stable employment landscaping for a large development and said;he plans to take courses at the community college to learn the trade. He stated that he wants to;provide a good life for his child. Carol has a lot of unresolved issues to deal with in therapy, not;the least of which is the accident that could have killed her child and the legal ramifications that;resulted from this incident. Although angry and hostile at the beginning, through the;implementation of person-centered therapy we were able to establish agreed-upon goals that;showed respect for the client and encouraged her to find solutions to her problems. Although our;relationship was tenuous at times, providing encouragement to her rather than judgment enabled;her to forgive herself and take corrective action.;Read the passage. Select among the following issues related to social and economic injustice: education, housing, or healthcare.;Describe the social or economic justice issue in the case study, explaining how this issue influences the subject of the case study.;Identify at least 2 strategies you could use to address the issue when you encounter it among clients.;Explain how the strategies would contribute to positive outcomes for clients.


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