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Envision a job in which you can see yourself upon graduation. Prepare a 5-page portfolio using examples from discrete mathematics that you could use to convince an employer that you can perform the duties of that job. Your portfolio will include 3 samples of your best work, at least 5 external citations as well as examples of your written communication skills.;Cover Page;Your name, course, date, and your target job (you could even include a small picture or clip art depicting the job).;Target job is an accountant;Page 1;A one-page description of your target job and why you think you are well suited for this job. This will require some research. You will need to compose a 2-3 sentence job description as well as information regarding specific job duties, approximate starting salary, job market information, and required education. Be sure to highlight at least one skill that is required by the job which you have learned in discrete mathematics such as ?perform a trace on an algorithm? or ?interpret a state transition diagram.?;Note: Do not simply ?copy-and-paste? the information from the Internet. You may use the language and phrasing from your cited sources, but the information must be stated in your own words in a form that is easy to read. Select the skills that you feel are most appropriate to your talents and the content of this course.;Page 2, 3, 4;Three sample problems that you have completed using three different topics covered in this course which will be helpful in carrying out the duties of your target job. You may not use any of the problems from the course material, including those from the course notes, Discussion Boards, Quizzes or Instructor-Graded Assignments. You should compose a problem and show how you would solve it. All aspects of the Plagiarism Policy, as stated in the course syllabus, will be applied to this assignment. Be creative! For example, show how you might draw a spanning tree to find the minimum cost for a network diagram, or you might compose a Fibonacci sequence to figure out how many residents will be living in a certain area in 20 years.;For each problem, include the following;- description of the problem or scenario;- your solution to the problem;- external resources (with APA citations) that you used to research the problem or solution;Page 5;A one-page summary on how discrete mathematics fits into the real-world and a self-reflection on how your thinking about mathematics has changed (or perhaps it hasn?t) over the course of this term.;Citations;You must include at least 5 citations in APA format for the information presented in this assignment.;Go to doc sharing and download the Final Project document for more details.


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