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In testing, convergent validity is one aspect of construct validity.




1. In testing, convergent validity is one aspect of construct validity. To assess the convergent validity of a new test, we should examine;the extent to which scores on this test relate to scores on another measure of the same construct.;the extent to which scores on this test are unrelated to scores on test that measures a theoretically unrelated construct.;whether scores on the test predict a meaningful outcome in the future.;whether the items on the test appear to reflect the construct being measured.;2.While a major benefit of the unstructured interview lies in its flexibility, a major drawback exists in the;amount of time required to complete it.;potential for leading questions to be asked.;resistance of the patient to answer all questions contained in it.;inability of the client to articulate symptoms.;3.In the clinical assessment process, referral questions aid in the determination of;the goals of assessment and the psychological tests or measurements to be administered.;an appropriate placement for the patient upon discharge.;how long the therapeutic process will take.;the best way to psychologically triage the individual for further testing.;4.All of the following are psychometric properties of assessment instruments EXCEPT;validity;reliability;standardization;replicability;5.The intelligence quotient or IQ was originally determined by;dividing a child's chronological age by his mental age.;taking the child's mental age and dividing it by his chronological age.;using the mental age as a gauge of natural intelligence.;comparing a child's score with those obtained by peers.;6.A construct validity score represents;whether two independent practitioners agree on a diagnosis.;the degree to which a test accurately assesses a specific concept and not other related concepts.;a test's ability to discriminate a patient who is trying to fake symptoms.;the percent of test-takers who show reliable scores on a test measuring an related constructs.


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