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Week 7 You Decide Transcript




Week 7 You Decide Transcript;ENTR510_W7_You_Decide_Transcript Page 1You Decide Assignment Title:? The Entrepreneurial ProcessScenario Summary;You have worked hard this semester learning about the process the entrepreneur takes to launch anew venture. In this assignment, you will be reviewing the first 6 weeks of this course to createan outline of this process.;You work at a consulting company helping companies research, develop, and launch new ideas. TheVice President of Sales has asked you to create a document that highlights the entire process fromidea generation to financing that will be used to help the sales team attract new clients. You willcreate a PowerPoint slideshow that outlines this process.;Your Role/Assignment;You are working for a consulting firm that helps new ventures launch. Your manager, KarlMecklenberg, has asked you to work with the sales team to develop a presentation slideshow thatwill highlight the steps taken in the development of a new venture. You will turn in a minimum of a12-page PowerPoint, complete with notes that describe this process.;You have a meeting scheduled with Craig Morton, Vice President of Sales, who will describe what thesales team requires for their presentation.ActivityAs an expert in entrepreneurship, you will outline the process that one goes through to launch anew business.;As outlined in Week 2, you start with an idea and then assess its worth. Once you have anopportunity, you create a business model, develop a business plan, create a marketing strategy,develop a legal strategy, and assemble your team (Weeks 3?5). To finance this launch, you startwith seed money and eventually (if successful) reach out to angel investors or venture capitalists(Weeks 6 and 7).;Be sure to highlight all of these areas and describe the process in each stage.;Your presentation of 10?12 slides that including a cover page will be used to promote your companyas the right place to use to support entrepreneurial activity. The slideshow must be a professionalpresentation that is easy to read and follow. Use the notes section to describe each slide ingreater detail.;To be successful, you should review each of the past weeks? lectures and readings and bring inthese academic sources to support your process presentation.;You are about to join a meeting with the Vice President of Sales, Craig Morton. Be sure to listento him as he describes his needs.;Week 7 You Decide Transcript;Good Luck!;Key Players;Key Players - Image;Title/Role/Character Script ? Text & Audio;Mr. Craig Morton, Vice President, Sales;Hello, welcome to the company. I understand you are new here, but you come highly recommended fromyour boss Karl. I am sure you will be very helpful for our department.;As you know, our company assists entrepreneurs in developing ideas for potential ventures. Oursales team works with various professional business clubs and often speaks to the groups about ourservices in order to attract new customers.;In these meetings, my team describes what we do in great detail?from business plan development toassisting with acquiring funds. For the most part, the presentation is outstanding, but it could beimproved, that is where you can help.;We have received some feedback that while our presentation of services is well done, people felt itwould be a good idea (and help increase sales) if we could explain the overall entrepreneurialprocess from idea to funding in launching a new business.;This improvement to our sales pitch would allow for us to highlight how we can help in each areaand increase the confidence of potential clients by showing them the big picture first, beforedescribing our individual consulting services.;We would like you to develop a 10?12 page slideshow that will describe the steps ofentrepreneurship, such as brainstorming an idea and then assessing whether the idea is a trueopportunity. Then you could describe the second step an entrepreneur should take to develop astrategy and business plan, and then you could describe the third step and so on?all the way tofinding investors for the new venture.;Be sure to create a professional presentation that is easy to read and is succinct. These are busypeople, so we want just the highlight of the process on the slides. And don?t forget to add notesin the PowerPoint that my sales team can read that;ENTR510_W7_You_Decide_Transcript Page 2;Week 7 You Decide TranscriptENTR510_W7_You_Decide_Transcript Page 3describes what each slide should cover in detail.;Thanks for your time?I look forward to this presentation! End of Transcript


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