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STATS Week 6 Term End Analysis Project - Sun Dish, Inc.




STATS Week 6 Term End Analysis Project - Sun Dish, Inc.;Deliverable#1;Prepare a memo to send to Rudy that provides a two-page summary of what you have done. The first paragraph should contain general comments relating to your experience over the week. The other five paragraphs should summarize your conclusions about each of the tasks. Attach five exhibits showing your detailed work. The details of each exhibit are shown in the remaining deliverables listed here.;Deliverable#2:Exhibit 1 -Media Selection;Deliverable#3:Exhibit 2 -Investment Options;Deliverable#4:Exhibit 3- Aggregate Production Planning;Deliverable#5:Exhibit 4- Capacity Analysis;Deliverable#6:Exhibit 5 - Demand Forecast;Attachments;STATS_Week_6_Sun_Dish,_Inc._.pdf (4011.44 KB)


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