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National Economic Accounts at the Bureau of Labor Statistics




in order to assist me with this paper the six (6) websites I have provided are needed in order to get 6 months of current data from each in order to answer the the following questions showing in this text;National Economic Accounts at the Bureau of Labor Statistics at;Bureau of Labor Statistics at;The Conference Board at;US Census Bureau at;National Bureau of Economic Research at;The Federal Reserve at;Review the most recent 6 months of data on real GDP growth, inflation/CPI, unemployment, Interest rates, consumer confidence index, consumer sentiment index, inventory level, and other relevant economic data.;Based on the collected data, analyze the current macroeconomic situation and its impact on Walmart and Starbucks. Explore in particular how the two companies? respond to the macroeconomic conditions in terms of their;stock performance;current and future sales revenue;current and future profits;labor costs, and;hiring decisions.


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