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Develop a preliminary SWOT




Develop a preliminary SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis for QMC. Because this is a new target market with a smaller computer, you want to make sure you are including your current customers. Be sure to consider your competition who is selling smaller, convenient computers as well.;You need to present your SWOT analysis to the management team. In getting to know them over the past couple of weeks, you have determined they are very visual thinkers/learners.;Create a 4-6 slide PowerPoint presentation that includes the following;1.Design a 2 column by 2 row table, into which you will place one or two-word summaries of the S?s, W?s, O's and T's.;2.Follow the table with slides for each category, in which you can expand your analysis in a bullet-point format.;3.Highlight the most important S, W, O, and T so that you and the management team can focus on the most important aspects of QMC's current state of affairs.;4.Support your analysis with credible sources including course materials, your text and/or other information found in the library or on the Internet.;5.Write a minimum of 100 words on each slide in the speaker's notes so you can explain your reasoning.


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