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The pension plan for the employees of Turner Co:




The following information relates to the pension plan for the employees of Turner Co;01/1/10 12/31/10 12/31/11;ABO 5,280,000 5,520,000 7,200,000;Projected benefit oblig. 5,580,000 5,976,000 8,004,000;Plan assets fair value 5,100,000 6,240,000 6,888,000;AOCI - net (gain)loss 0 (864,000) (960,000);settlement rate for year 11% 11%;expected rather of return 8% 7%;Turner estimates that the average remaining service life if 16 years. Turner's contribution was $756,000 in 2011 and benefits paid were $564,000.;I know the unexpected gain/loss on plan assets in 2011 is $19,200 but I don't know how they got that answer. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Cindy


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