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What differences in SIZE, COMPLEXITY or FUNCTIONING might we expect in the brains




1) Discuss social competence of newborns and its influence on the parent-child relationship. How might the development of this relationship be affected if the child is born with significant medical issues, or if either the parents has a medical or psychological issue (e.g., the mother of postpartum depression or the father who is blind).;2) Developmental Researchers no longer view the neonate as a helpless creature, but as a remarkably competent, developing human being. What do you think are the implications of this changing viewpoint for methods of child rearing and child care?;3) What book do you think is a " must read " for a mother-to-be? Please explain why this book is beneficial and should be read. (You do not have to purchase a book unless you want to as you may go to your local library or to a local Barnes & Noble's/Borders and spend a little while reading it or if you have a Kindle or Nook you could do a sample from their bookstore or you may have already read and have a book). So any of those sources will be acceptable.;4) Please find an article, it does not have to be a Peer Reviewed article, but should come from some reputable source. The topic is "Children's declining health issues" there is great concern today about issues of nutrition, obesity, exercise that set the stage for later problems. So choose any area of interest and discuss its merits and what we should do to alleviate this dilemma.


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