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Which of the following ?decisions? are relevant to the auditor?s evidence




Which of the following ?decisions? are relevant to the auditor?s evidence;accumulation?;a. Type of audit procedure to use.;b. # of items to examine.;c. Timing of audit procedures.;d. All of the above are relevant.;A 2. Audit procedures are normally performed;a. early in the accounting period being examined.;b. throughout the accounting period being examined, but with emphasis on the;transactions near the end.;c. within one to three months after the close of the accounting period.;d. during all three of the above periods.;B 3. Which of the following forms of evidence is most reliable?;a. General ledger account balances.;b. Confirmation of A/R balance received from a customer.;c. Internal memo explaining the issuance of a credit memo.;d. Copy of month-end adjusting entries.;D 4.Evidence obtained directly by the auditor is more competent than information;obtained indirectly. Which of the following is not an example of the auditor?s;direct knowledge?;a. Physical examination.;b. Observation.;c. Computation.;d. Inquiry.


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