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A document which the auditor receives from the client, but which was prepared




A document which the auditor receives from the client, but which was prepared;by someone outside the client?s organization, is a(n);a. confirmation.;b. internal document.;c. external document.;d. inquiry.;D 14.?Evaluations of financial information made by a study of plausible relationships;among financial and nonfinancial data involving comparisons of recorded;amounts to expectations developed by the auditor? is a definition of;a. analytical procedures.;b. tests of transactions.;c. tests of balances.;d. auditing.;D 15. Unusual fluctuations occur when;a. significant differences are not expected but do exist.;b. significant differences are expected but do not exist.;c. significant differences are expected and do exist.;d. either a or b is true.;C 16. When analytical procedures reveal no unusual fluctuations, the implication is that;a. there are no material errors or fraud.;b. there are no material errors.;c. there are no material fraud.;d. the possibility of a material error or fraud is lessened.;A 17.Which of the following forms of evidence would be least persuasive in forming;the auditor?s opinion?;a. Responses to auditor?s questions by the president and controller regarding;the investments account.;b. Correspondence with a stockbroker regarding the quantity of client?s;investments held in street name by the broker.;c. Minutes of the board of directors authorizing the purchase of stock as an;investment.;d. The auditor?s count of marketable securities.;B 18.Which of the following qualities affecting the persuasiveness of evidence is not;relevant to the auditor?s evidence decisions related to which audit procedures to;use?;a. When procedures are preformed ? timeliness.;b. Qualifications of information provider.;c. Effectiveness of internal controls.;d. All of the above are relevant.;B 19.?The detailed description of the results of the four evidence decisions for a;specific audit? is called an;a. audit procedure.;b. audit program.;7-4;c. audit plan.;d. audit guide.;A 20. The audit program usually states all four of the choices below, but it always;includes the;a. audit procedures.;b. sample sizes.;c. particular items to select.;d. timing of the tests.;Attachment Preview;AC 316 CHAPTER 7 AUDIT EVIDENCE.docx Download Attachment;7-1;AC 316 CHAPTER 7 AUDIT EVIDENCE;D 1.Which of the following decisions are relevant to the auditors evidence;accumulation?;a. Type of audit procedure to use.;b. # of items to examine.;c. Timing... Show more


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