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The audit of a large auto dealership




Marie Janes encounters the following situations in doing the audit of a large auto dealership, Janes is not a partner.;Situations as follows;1.? ? The sales manager tells her that there is a sale (at a substantial discount) on new cars that is limited to long-established customers of the dealership.? ? Because her firm has been doing the audit for several years, the sales manger has decided that Janes should also be eligible for the discount.;2.? ? The auto dealership has an executive lunchroom that is available free to employees above a certain level.? ? The controller informs Janes that she can also eat there any time.;3.? ? Janes is invited to an attends the company's annual Christmas party.? ? When presents are handed out, she is surprised to find her name included.? ? The present has a value of approximately $200.;Problem;a) Assuming Janes accepts the offer or gift in each situation, has she violated the rules of conduct?;b) Discuss what Janes should do in each situation.


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