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Corporation is available on December 31:




The following calendar year information about the Tahoma Corporation is available on December 31;Advertiing Expense $28,800;Depreciation of factory equipment 42,320;Depreciation of office equipment 10,800;Direct Labor 142,600;Factory utilities 36,650;Interest expense 6,650;Inventories January 1;Raw materials 3,450;Goods in Process 17,250;Finished goods 35,650;Inventories December 31;Raw materials 2,300;Goods in process 20,700;Finished goods 31,050;Raw materials purchased 132,450;Rent on factory building 41,400;Indirect labor 51,750;Sales commisisons 16,500;The company applies overhead on the basis of 125% of direct labor costs. Calculate the amount of over- or underapplied overhead


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