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I can increase price but cannot extend time as I h...




I can increase price but cannot extend time as I have deadline of 1 plz,Also Mam, would you please send me last five question earlier as i have to submit that before 12..and for rest of the question i can get it by 4..thanks,Madam, I have increase price but the due date is november 22, 2011 at 4 it means 11 hours later it is 2:48 AM right now...and last five questions (38-41) is due before 12 its means 6 hours later. I know madam the questions were not so hard and doesnot take time but I do not have time to spend for this..Hope to get reply soon..why did not you inform earlier madam...,So when I will get reply as I don't have much time...,Thank you really appreciated...please note my request of sending last five questions earlier,r u online I could not understand for answer 31 how $o.60 came as there is not 0.62,madam i am not sure about multiple choice question but for problems i am not satisfied..can u recheck again and question 37 haven't completed yet..u have not done step wise..u know I cannot explain to professor...,as I said you you can send me by 4 which means 6 hours sufficient time for the problems...because as I paid so much money I want perfect answer...dont want to loose marks thats why i paid so much money..


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