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Use the Starbucks Company for this Report.




1. Use the Starbucks Company for this Report.;2. Spread 3 years of financials for the company using Excel. Do actual fiscal year-ends, not estimated.;3. In all calculations, use real numbers from the company?s financials, not reported ratios provided by online and other sources. Do all calculations for the most recent 3 years;available.;4. Collect stock data?price, shares outstanding, insider ownership, insider;transactions, stock repurchase program, options, etc.;5. Calculate financial ratios and compare to industry average. Do the same ratios;required for Case 1. What can you conclude from the ratios? Any warning signs? Anything that stands out?;It should start off with an introduction or overview in which you provide a brief;background of the company, the stock exchange on which it trades, and individual;responsibilities. It should also include #4 and #5 above. Attach the balance sheet and income statement to the report.


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