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In this essay, you will provide a narrative of your life and analyze how the knowledge of classical and




In this essay, you will provide a narrative of your life and analyze how the knowledge of classical and contemporary adult development theory affected your views not only on being a successful college student but in shaping your personal, academic, and professional goals.;Please note as you read these instructions that all you need to submit in week two is the title page, outline, and reference page;a.Title Page;Check the first page of the Sample Outline for an example of how to format your title page. According to APA 6th edition guidelines, this should include a running header, the title of your paper, your name, course name, your instructor?s name, and the date.;b.Outline;Use the Sample Outline provided to construct an outline for your paper. To develop the outline, select five to seven of the questions from the list provided. The selected questions will represent the focus areas for your paper. To elaborate on each topic, write a few sub-topics under each selected question. Also, start thinking about parts of your life that could potentially relate back to adult development concepts from this course. You will start to make these connections in your rough draft assignment due in week three and you will expand the points in your outline into sentences and paragraphs.;c.Reference Page;Whenever you use ideas that are not your own (such as theories or concepts from your textbook or from articles in the online library), and are not common knowledge, you must give credit to these sources in the text of your paper and on a reference page at the end of your paper. Check the information in the PSY202: Writing Resource and Sample Reflective Paper (located in your online classroom) for examples and guidelines on how to prepare your references. For more information on how to cite your sources, please view the Citing Sources tutorial in the Ashford University Library. Begin by formatting the reference for your textbook.;These three pages (title page, outline, and reference page) must be submitted in one document. The document must be completed in Microsoft Word and saved as a.doc or.docx file. Your instructor will return this paper to you with feedback to guide you in developing your rough draft due in Week Three.;Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment


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