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The Impact of Divorce on Children.?




Paper theme ?The Impact of Divorce on Children.?;Research the impact of divorce on children under the age of 18. This is to be based on research,s not opinion or just experience and observation. APA format is required for this paper, including, an abstract, the main body (five pages) (with in-text and parenthetical citations), and reference page. At least 5 resources must be used, sources should be books, journal articles, and some Internet sites. You are required to have two professional journal articles, for example, Journal of Marriage and Family. Submit an abstract and at least five references in APA format, by Thursday Sept. 12 11:59. Submit the complete paper by Thursday, Spt. 18, 11:59.;I will offer $100.00 as in the last one. You let me know if it is OK.


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