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Fundamentals of futures and options markets (Eighth ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education.




Book;ISBN-13: 978-0-13-299334-0;Hull, J. (2014). Fundamentals of futures and options markets (Eighth ed.). Upper Saddle River;Pearson Education.;(3 PAGES);As a mini-project in this course you are going to do further research on a commodity and follow;a futures contract on that commodity. This is an extension of our discussion boards in Units 2;and 4, and you will continue with the commodity you picked there. Write a 2-3 page paper in;APA format with the following sections;A. Introduction/Background;Give background information that will be useful in understanding the futures market for the;commodity. This will vary depending on your commodity, but it might include information about;producers and end users, determinants of supply and demand, uses of the futures contracts;(hedging, speculation), or why there are futures for the commodity.;B. Futures Contract Specifications;Give and explain the specifications of the futures contract for the commodity. This is basically a;more detailed answer to the Unit 2 discussion board. Use the CME Group website.;C. Futures Price;Perform additional research to give a more detailed answer to the first part of the Unit 4;discussion board: Describe the pattern of prices for your products futures contracts with;different expiration months. What might explain these patterns?;In addition, follow up on the price of the contract you quoted in the Unit 2 discussion board. Any;time in Units 8-10, find the price quote for the same contract. Give the Unit 2 price and the Unit;8-10 price, and also calculate the profit or loss for an investor who was long one contract over;this period.;1;D. Current Events;Find at least three recent news articles related to the price of your products futures contracts.;Preferably you will find articles published during the current quarter that help to explain the;change in price that you observed. You can however go back a month from the beginning of the;quarter if necessary and examine any price-related issue. Summarize these articles and interpret;them using the concepts and language that we have used in the course.;2;View Full Attachment;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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