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Calculate basic precision and the total projected misstatement.




As auditor for the Harder Company, you decide to use PPS sampling in determining the fairness of accounts receivable. In executing the plan, you discover the following misstatements;Book Audit;Value Value;$1,500 $1,000;2,400 1,200;8,200 7,500;6,000 5,400;9,000 8,000;The book value of the accounts receivable is $720,000, the RF factor at a 5% risk of incorrect acceptance is 3.0, and sample size is 90. The incremental change in reliability factors for the first four misstatements are 1.75, 1.55, 1.46, and 1.40.;REQUIRED;1. Calculate basic precision and the total projected misstatement.;2. Determine the incremental allowance for sampling risk and the upper misstatement limit.;3. State the quantitative conclusion that can be drawn from the sample assuming tolerable misstatement is $30,000.


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