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Thompson Trucking Company Balance Sheet, December 31, 2010 ($ millions)




Thompson Trucking Company Balance Sheet, December 31, 2010 ($ millions);Current asset $10.81 Accounts payable $5.04;Net fixed assets $15.56 Notes payable $0.00;Total $26.37 Bonds payable $10.78;Common equity $10.55;Total $26.37;Thompson Trucking Company;Pro forma Balancee Sheet as of 12/31/14;Current assets $;Net fixed assets;Total assets $;Accounts payable;Notes payable;Bonds payable;Common equity;Total liabilities and common equity $;b. TTC?s total financing requirements for next year are $;TCC?s discretionary financing needs for next year are $;c. What limitations does the percent of sales forecast method suffer from? Discuss briefly. (select all the choices that apply);A. The financial manager cannot ?treak? the basic method to suit her purposes;B. The method assumes that the current relationships between various accounts and sales will remain the same, but this need not be the case.;C. The method is only good for constructing pro forma statements for the following year.;D. The method is very difficult to implement even when good and reliable forecasted data are available.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Show all work


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