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Steve Kafka, an American of Czech origin




Steve Kafka, an American of Czech origin and a franchisor for Chicago Style Pizza, has decided to expand his business into the Czech Republic. He knows it is a risky decision, when he became a franchisor, he had to overcome a lot of difficulties. Steve anticipates he will face some of these difficulties again at the new location in Prague, Czech Republic. Although he was born in the United States, he has family and friends in the Czech Republic, speaks Czech fluently, and has visited the country of his origin several times. In other words, he knows the people and the culture. Or does he?;Please help me so that I can complete a paper, addressing the following questions;a. Are there major differences and incompatibilities between the U.S.and Czech cultures? Will these differences create major business risks for Steve? How might Steve mitigate these risks?;b. What comparative advantages exist in the Czech Republic? Can Steve take advantage of these?;c. Will Hofstede's four primary dimensions help Steve evaluate the Czech business environment? What are the likely results of this evaluation?;d. What kinds of trade barriers would Steve need to be aware of?;e. How would Steve assess the demand for pizza at different prices? How would he assess the cost structure he would face? What could Steve infer about the price and income elasticities of pizza?


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