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Please refer to attachments.;CASH FLOW INDIRECT METHOD;Instructions to record the changes in cash flow between periods.;Preparing a Cash Flow Statement for Fashion Retailers, Inc using a;standardized format.;Instructions: You will need a small calculator to complete the;assignment.;1) From the information given on the Income Statement prepare entries;for;the changes necessary to reconcile net income with cash flow from;operations.;After entering the adjustments from analyzing the Income Statement;proceed to make additional reconciling entries for Non-current items and;Changes in Current Assets and Current Liabilities.;Once you have determined Cash Flow from Operations continue on by;determining cash flow from investing.;The final determination is to calculate the cash flow from Financing.;The summation of all changes to cash must end up being the same as the;cash balance 12/31/05 as shown on the Comparative Balance Sheets.;As a final step in preparing the Cash Flow Statement determine if any;Noncash investing and financing transactions need to be reported on the;bottom schedule. If so, describe the noncash items in a manner that;anyone reading the report will understand the future impact on cash;flow.;Requirements;There are a number of potential adjustments or entries on this;standardized form that may not be needed. Use those pre-determined;descriptions that MOST CLOSELY describe the adjustment or entry needed;to determine cash flow.


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