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Wages payable




A) current assets;b) investments;c) property, plant, and equipment;d) Intangible assets;e) other assets;f) current liabilities;g) non-current liabilities;h) capital stock;i) additional paid in capital;j) retained earnings;and these are the items to be classified;1. preferred stock;2. goodwill;3. wages payable;4. trade accounts payable;5. buildings;6. trading securities;7. current portion of long-term debt;8. premium on bonds payable;9. allowance for doubtful accounts.;10. accounts receivable;11. cash surrender value of life insurance;12. notes payable (due next year);13 office supplies;14. common stock;15. land;16. bond sinking fund;17 merchandise inventory;18) prepaid insurance;19 bonds payable;20 taxes payable


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