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Module Project Proposal Assignment: A first Project Proposal submission of around 1,000 words in required in 25th Sep 2011 morning. In this, you will be expected to: ? Describe the scope, aims and objectives of the Module Project, as related to your chosen organization (my preferable is bank) and with reference to each proposed chapter of your final Project submission. ? Demonstrate an understanding of links to the related underlying academic literature that you will reference in your final Project. ? Describe key steps and milestones for your ongoing and planned research plus how you are planning to achieve these by your final module deadline which is 7th Oct 2011. I have attached complete project details. Please noted no plagiarism.,Please note this assignment is 2 parts. one is proposal and another one is full project. This price is only for proposal. for full project work which second part. I will pay separately.,Thanks,Dear Tutor, Thanks for the Proposal. I have submitted to my collage. I am not sure do I need to get a confirm/approval on the proposal to start the final project. Or I can proceed? I will check with Tutor on this today. In the mean time, can you please evaluation the final project requirement and let me know what is the time and money required to complete. Please note I need an absolutely good quality of the project work as per attached document. It would be better put the summary of your understanding of the requirement. Please not organization is bank as per proposal. Please let me I will submit it. I am reattching the project requirment.


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