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Quest International;How To Get More Income In The Next Few Months?;Rise Yourself To Help Mankind.RYTHM...;NETWORK MARKETING;How to Play by Your Own Rules and Win;by Charles F.Amick;this book will help you to understand the power of Netwok Marketing...;I want to talk about opportunity in QUEST NET LTD to change your life by Great income...;in case you did network marketing you know how is easy to make$ a week. it is not kind of traditional marketing, it's the modern one with unbelievable power. and if you don't have enough knowledge about it, so please continue reading the text.;for introduce this kind of opportunity I saw so many weblogs and web sites they will charge you around 39$ or 49$.and then they have letter from the successful people on their websites. it is correct, but I like to give you by free. because I can get my commission weekly around 15000$. so I don't need you pay me for getting this opportunity. and I say if you want to pay, pay for your registration to company and pay for products for getting TC(Tracking Centre), at least you will get some thing in your hand.;In the next few minutes I'm going to talk about QUEST NET LTD and opportunities in this is kind of most powerfull Network Marketing in the world.;please save this weblog to your favorites list.;Did you Work for online companies that you don't know where are their offices?;Did you work for online companies that you don't know where are their factories?;Or online companies that you don't know who is the General manager?;these are very important points,when you want to work online or you want to work for companies in other countries.;I don't like to spend my time for getting 1 cent, or 1 $ or 1000$ after one month evryday working near 8 or 12 hours.;I'm sure no body likes this kind of income.;Please read this article exactly and then check the Quest net webstie.;this is my exprience whitin 4 years and I talk about fact and what happened to my income.;I'm Enayat and I'm living in Dubai.;If you have any question 24 hours I'm at your service. (because it works and you will change your life to better life).;first of all I want to say how you get commission from Company because every body asking this question.;you can get your commission in 4 different way.;1-by ordering the gold products from company.;2-by E card, you can sell it to your downlines when they want to enjoy this opportunity.;so they enter the pin code of Ecard when they want to get position by purchasing product.;3- TT, Transfer the money to your account;4-by cheque, you will get the cheque weekly.;How you can build up your business and get more income?;we are in the 21th century and I think We must take opportunities like this.;the most powerfull marketing in the world is network marketing. 30% of all kind of business they are doing network marketing. this market make money 100 billion annual. the birthdate of network marketing is in 60 years ago. but it grows up very fast after 1995. So you can see most of millioners they are under 40 years old, it is because of internet technology.;we are in 21 century, and the foresight literati is, that 25 century every body on the world will do kind of network marketing.this industry is verey young right now.;network marketing delete the middleman between factory and consumer.;and instead of spend a lot of money for Ads in tv,newspapers,or on the boards, give it as a commission to Us.;in traditional industry 35% to 40% of the worth of product they pay for Ads.;but in network marketing they pay as a mouth Ads to us.;daily for a lot of products we have free mouth Ads for them without they pay us single penny.;for example for movies in the cinemas, for mobiles, for cars,for garments and,etc.;but in network marketing they pay us very good commission.;this kind of income one of my friends refer it to me in the 2002,and after 18 months I resign from my original job because my income in this kind on industry was more than my salary in my last job.10 times more.;here in Dubai when I want to talk to people I show them my statement of account and cheques;I do this because I want they feel the power of this business.;and so many people I introduce them to this company,they get income even more than me.;because it depends of how you work, not how long you work !;the company's pillar is realy strong and their policy is on the mean's they get huge profit and we get too.;the company is not belong to me,I work for them as Independent Representative(IR). I like you enjoy too.;it is like advise to you, I don't want to push you into this business. because as I will say in the few next paragraph, when you enjoy Company they pay only 42$ to me and my uplines. but we are not looking for your 42$,We are looking for thousand of 42$ by your indirect sells.because thousand indirect sels come over you, and you take commission,we take commission up to end. We like you be little active as our partner,because we work as a team. minimum 5 hours a week is enough. talk with your friends about it and let them to now how this income will grow.;I don't want you buy only product, rather the product which you purchase enter you to the this lifetime business.;I like you work and you look it as a business.;and if I get new friend to come to this system it comes one of your downlines. so we work as a team.;the good thing is you don't need work every time. you have to bring minimum 2 active person to this system.when you got 2 friends(or customer as your partner your position will be active).;in this case you will get upto 15000$ weekly(for one position-you can get up to 3 position).;this income your downlines will make, when your downline grow up.they pay for indirect sell.;follow and see how?!;the first important thing is, How?;you can work at home online by internet but it is realy difficult to people trust this opportunity.;or you can talk with your friends and people are around you will gt your first cheque within 4 weeks.and after that weekly you will get your cheque.;and second important thing is,Which product,and company?;there is both of them;product is ready, and the company is stand there to take action for your effort.;you have to be sure about the company that you want to work with them.;this kind of companies,they have verey great background.;for example the QUEST NET LTD have near 10 years reputation. and more than 2 billions $ fund. they started in 1998 by 500,000 $.;they have more than 25 offices around the world. and their representative are more than 120 countreis.;they have very special products you can't find it any other place in the world.for example if some body wants to buy a lady's diana gold coin which the government of england they permission, you have to buy from this company only.they do this because they want to support us with special products.;I have been in Germany in 2002 and I saw the factory of the BH Mayer's mint in 2002.;it is in munich. (third largest city in Germany);this factury establishment in 1871, and they make epochal coinage andQUEST NET LTD have the 51% share of B H Mayer's mint.;they have group of companies, like properties,QuestTechnology which is in England or hotels around the worlds.;what is the plan of income?;IT IS A BINARY PLAN;The Binary plan is an organizational plan used by multi-level marketing (MLM) organizations wherein new organization members are introduced into a Binary Tree structure, or a left and a right subtree.;A simple example binary tree;Normally, one subtree is referred to as a Power Leg while the second subtree is a Profit Leg.;The Power Leg structure has automatic placement of new members, even by members previously enrolled, or ancestors, to the current member. Since any new members must be placed below their enrolling member, they naturally must fall to the lowest available leaf node of the Binary Tree. Order of placement may be any of Preorder, Inorder or Postorder as determined by either the organization or the enrolling member's nearest ancestor.;The Profit Leg of the Binary Tree normally contains those new members who are personally enrolled by the member.;Some members below any node on the tree are automatically placed by a member's ancestor, while other subordinate members are placed at a specific location in the tree by the member himself.;Compensation in a Binary plan is based upon a formula dependent upon a certain value of sales in the Power Leg matching up with a certain value of sales in the Profit Leg.(wikipedia);WELCOME TO QUEST NET;Everything starts with yourself ? with you making up your mind. It?s in those moments of decision where your destiny is shaped.;Now that you?ve decided to join our family, we would like to take this chance to show you the vast opportunities here at QuestNet.;As you get started, your sponsor will be a great resource in answering your questions and concerns.;But in cases where your sponsor is hard to reach, this Business Kit serves as a quick and easy reference tool designed to help you better understand your business and develop your network of customers and Independent Representatives.;The QuestNet Business Kit consists of QuestNet Profile, Products & Services, Getting Started, Business Opportunity, and Policies and Procedures.;This handbook is complete with all the information you require to help you make the most out of your business with QuestNet.;We?re glad to have you on board and look forward to a future of exciting opportunities and shared prosperity with you here at QuestNet. We know that your experiences with us will be rewarding ones.;Visoin without action is merely a fantasy.;Action without vision will eventually,just be a memory. (Vijay Eswaran-in the sphere of silence);Company profile;QuestNet, the QI group?s flagship business, was created in 1998 to support the fast-growing network and customer base of the whole QI group.;Through its industry-leading marketing services, QuestNet distributes a variety of offerings including jewellery, timepieces and numismatic products, global telecommunications technologies, as well as vacation club memberships and lifestyle products.Today, by harnessing the sophisticated medium of e-commerce, QuestNet services more than 1.5 million Independent Representatives and customers in over 220 countries.;Besides offering services and products, QuestNet also strongly believes in making a difference. RYTHM Foundation came into being with the objective of promoting the primary mission of the QI group of companies: RYTHM, which stands for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind?.;Through RYTHM Foundation, we do our utmost to change as many lives as possible by supporting worthy causes in communities around the world through fund-raising events and donations.;Together, with hard work and determination, we can make the world a better place.;Through its superb products, services and strong determination to help mankind, QuestNet provides an excellent platform for life-changing answers and attractive income opportunities. A prosperous future is within your reach with QuestNet.;QuestNet CommitmentAt QuestNet, we believe that nothing is more powerful than people working together towards a common goal.;Our IRs are our greatest assets, and we are dedicated to serving your needs.Our mission is to provide superior products and services of lasting value to give you the potential to maximise your income.;We will continue to provide you with the knowledge and support needed to ensure your success.;Welcome to the QuestNet family.;RICH OUT AND CHANGE LIVES;START RIGHT;Great things are rooted in humble beginnings. It's not how you start, but where you end up, that matters. Achievement is a result of belief and perseverance. With QuestNet, you get the opportunity to establish your own business, be your own boss, and be in control of your life. Draw up your goals, raise your ambitions, and let us help you reach your full potential.;for this business that I want to introduce you, you will get by your direct or indirect sell 42$ for each UV.;here just I describe how you work,and how they pay. nothing more!;I'm one of the member's since 2002.;indeed I don't work for anybody,just I sell product and they pay me for my little effort.;you don't need any other job after 6 or 12 months! depend on how many direct or indirect downline you got. it is a great news for you and for ever.;I have lot of freinds they geting more than 1 million $ in 1 year hard working. of course you will reach this amount after your indirect customer become more and more.;(hard work mean's daily 2 hours hard work);you have to be active to get every thing you like. it is a simple rule for every one.;I'm sure every body can do it,because you need minimum 2 active person in your downlines.;I started to write this weblog, because before I talk with people in public area;out of internet, and I thought Why I don't Give this opportunity to other people.;So if you are already Independent Representative (IR) you know what I want to talk about, but if you didn't hear this kind of income, pleas read it.;it is a pyramid scheme and you will get for each UV 42$ of your downlines sells.;they pay 250$ when your downlines become 3 left and 3 right.(means 6 people);even the 4 of them are your indirect sell, you will get 250$ there is no limit for this payment.but they don't pay more than 12000$ a week for one position you bought by one of the can get maximum 3 position. (more info is in the website);Opportunity;QuestNet Ltd provides training, motivation and support for building sales;organizations, and rewards our Independent Representatives for their sales;achievements.;-Have the time and freedom to enjoy your life and earn additional income at the same time.-Be rewarded on personal sales and that of the entire organisation -;direct or indirectly referred. -The key to building a successful sales organisation is training, self-discipline, selfmotivationand also devoting time and personal attention to your downlines.;Residual Income;The Residual Income Plan is a complimentary plan to the existing Binary;Compensation Plan. Anyone with a qualified Tracking Centre (TC) on the;Binary Plan can earn from the Residual Income plan.;Under the Residual Income Plan, you will earn commissions and;bonuses for referring people who end up purchasing products from;QuestNet (i.e. QuestTalk card) without having to balance your volume.;Several Opportunities to Earn;1. Retail Profit from Sales of Products to Retail;Customers;2. Compensation from volume accumulated from;each sale of QuestNet Residual Income products;in your downline;The power of the QuestNet Compensation Plan is awesome because;it puts all qualified sales in your downline to work for you!;Compensation Plan;1. Basic Residual Income 2.InfinityBonus 3. Generational Bonus 4. World Pool Bonus.;Last of this page you will get income schedule


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