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Dear Tutor, Please see below for the instruction. Company name: Baxter Healthcare Inc. 1. Build a Balanced Scorecard for the unit of the organization for Baxter Healthcare Inc. Identify the strategic objectives of the entire organization and the secondary objectives for the unit. Develop three specific objectives within each of the four perspectives for the unit. Each objective should have at least one quantified target metric associated with it. It is essential to understand what metrics are. The specific information needed to calculate each metric should be discussed. For each metric discuss the appropriate target value and the actions that need to be taken to achieve the target. The paper should be no more than 15 pages, including the reference list, and be formatted in accordance with the APA format Baxter Objective for the whole organization: Baxter Manufacturing department In USA (California) objective: Balance Scorecard Like Dashboard Instruments, We Need Several Indicators of Strategy Success: ? Financial ? Customer ? Employee / Learning and Growth ? Internal Business Process Balance Scorecard futures Emphasizes what is important ? Focuses on Business Drivers ? Stresses Cause & Effect Relationships ? Unites the Company ? Uses Leading & Lagging Indicators ? Implements Business Strategy ? Uses metrics for Targets & Performance Evaluation Financial: ?How well are our finances managed to achieve our mission? Financial Perspective Link to Strategy ? Time Horizon: Short, Medium and Long ? Can Include: ? Cash Flow ? Reported Earnings ? Risk Management ? Cost Control and Revenue Growth Pricing: Discounts vs. Value / Convenience ? Find drivers for revenues, costs, cash flows & net income ? Can tie to an incentive system ? Can use any type of incentive Problem: valuable, but focuses on the past rather than the future ? it is a lagging indicator. Leading Indicators In order to predict financial results the BSC uses 3 leading indicators. These are: ? The Customer Perspective ? The Employee / Learning and Growth Perspective ? The Internal Business Process Perspective Customer Perspective: How well are we meeting the needs of our customers, and how can we make them more satisfied? Use below to provide detail explanation. ? Value to Customers ? Customer Satisfaction is not enough. ? Not all customers are keepers: ? 80 / 20 ?rule? ? Retain Old vs. Attract new Customers ? Growth, Market Share, Segmentation ? Time ? Convenience ? Ease of Use ? Quality ? After Sale Service ? Cost ? Performance Internal Business Process: How do our internal processes function to efficiently deliver products and services, and how can we improve our efficiency? Employee/Internal Business : ? Ease of tasks ? Innovation ? Productivity ? Where must we be EXCELLENT? ? Where can we be good enough? ? The Operations Process ? Customer Life Cycle ? Cycle Time ? Quality ? Employee Training and Skills ? Productivity ? Customer Perspective Learning and growth: ?How well are we positioned to ensure those goals are met in the future?? Please use above outline to write 15pages, double space including reference page APA format. Create Balance scorecard and show balance scorcard table. Thanks,


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