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Annotated bibliography on Gabriel Marquez.




Question;Annotated bibliography on Gabriel Marquez. Choose four to five articles that you feel represent the research. You will then create an annotation for each source. First give the citation of the source. After the citation and in your first paragraph, you will write a short summary of the article. In the next paragraph, you will assess the source and possibly offer some criticism. In a third paragraph, you will need to discuss how the source has helped with your understanding of the work or author. 3-5 pages.;Tutorials for this Question;Available for;$15.00;Annotated bibliography on Gabriel Marquez;Tutorial # 00000024;Number of words in this Tutorial: 73;Posted On: 05/22/2013 08:40 AM;Feedback Score: Not rated yet!;This tutorial has been purchased 0 times.;Posted By: seekinghelp;Questions:3Tutorials:31Spent$662.00Earned$363.00;Feedback Score:0% (3 ratings);Report this Tutorial as Inappropriate;Tutorial Preview;?Second xxxx is xxxxxx as early xxxxx In which xx was xxxxxxxx xxxxx he?


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