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Identify the workforce roles within the services and products.




Resource: Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary;Grading Criteria;Research mind mapping in the University of Phoenix;Library or on the Internet.;Select a health care career within the managed care;organization, pharmaceutical company, research;organization, college, information technology company;the health care continuum (hospital, ambulatory, longterm;care), the mental health continuum (diagnostics;outpatient, inpatient), and so forth.;? Describe selected career.;? Identify two or three services and products within the;selected career.;? Identify the workforce roles within the services and;products.;? Discuss the impact of the roles on the health care;organizations.;Create a diagram with the career choice as the focal;point and identifying the work roles within one of the;services or product you identify.;Complete a 350- to 700-word summary of your findings;and a diagram.;Format your summary consistent with APA guidelines


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