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Managed care program centered on disease management




Managed Care Program-PowerPoint Presentation;Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that reviews a managed care program centered on disease management. Prepare 15-20 slides (excluding title and reference slides) documenting the major points of this program. Include detailed speaker notes with your presentation beneath each slide.;The project must include these components;Title Slide with the following;Title of the managed care program;Student?s name;Course title/number;Instructor?s name;Date submitted;Introduction/Thesis Statement introducing your managed care program based on disease management.;The role of preventing disease;Patient incentives;Physician incentives;Case management;Facilities;Quality of care;Prescription benefits;The future of data use and informatics;Conclusion which includes a restatement of the opening thesis statement and summary of the managed care program discussed.;Reference Slide (include a minimum of four scholarly and/ or peer reviewed sources cited according to APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center);Your PowerPoint presentation slides should;Be sequenced and organized clearly.;Have a clear, logical progression of ideas.;Utilize bullet points or short sentences, if necessary, not dense paragraphs.;Have relevant visuals, such as graphs, tables, data summaries, sound and/or animation which enhance the understanding of concepts, ideas, and relationships.;Have a consistent theme, format, and font which augment the readability.


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