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Describes the Ninth Circle of Hell




ReviewThe Inferno, paying special attention to the opposition between;fraud and God?s love in canto XXXIV, which describes the Ninth Circle of Hell.;According to this canto, fraud is the worst sin possible because it is the polar;opposite of God?s love. This assertion implies that the greater the contrast;between human activity and God?s love, the more evil the deed. Keeping this in;mind identify three additional sins from the assigned cantos. For each sin that;you pick, use your knowledge ofThe Inferno?s architecture to determine;the extent to which the sin contrasts with God?s love. List the three sins;hierarchically in order of the degree of evil that the text attributes to them.;Next, in three paragraphs, justify your;rankings and explain howThe Inferno?s representations of these three;sins develops the poem?s theme of goodversusevil.


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