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1. (TCO C) Schedule Crashing Using the network...




1. (TCO C) Schedule Crashing Using the network below and the additional information provided, find: (a) The crash cost per day per activity. (b) Which activities should be crashed to meet a project deadline of 13 days at minimum cost? State the number of days you will crash each activity. (c) What is the additional cost to crash the project? Critical path = B-C-D = 15 Activity Normal time Normal total cost Crash time Crash total cost A 5 300 4 350 B 3 250 2 325 C 7 400 4 550 D 5 150 1 500,2. (TCO D) PMIS and cost accounting We have discussed extensively over the past eight weeks the benefits, tools, and methodologies to project monitoring and control. Effective project monitoring requires access to projects data, and therefore a Project Cost Accounting System (PCAS) is essential. (a) What are the primary types of data collected by such a system? (b) What are some of the benefits of PCAS? (Points : 30)


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