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Seaport Bus 100 Quiz 2 (2014)




Seaport Quiz / Exam:Bus 100 Quiz 2;Quiz/Exam Complete;Question: A corporation chartered in Kansas and doing business in Kansas is known as a domestic corporation.;Question: An S-corporation can have no more than twenty stockholders.;Question: The average length of an SBA loan is about 25 years.;Question: Goals are set for only top-level management.;Question: It is rare that managers of small businesses lack the management skills necessary to run thier businesses.;Question: Small businesses are typically managed by who started and own them.;Question: Because of small-business competition, large companies must become more efficient and responsive to consumers' needs.;Question: Middle managers implement the strategy developed by top management.;Question: A license to operate an individually owned business as though it were part of a chain is a franchise.;Question: Distribution industries account for approximately what percentage of all small businesses?;Question: An individual's desire to create a new business is referred to as;Question: Statistically, one can expect about two out of every three new business to fail within six years of their founding.;Question: Top managers rely a great deal on technical skills.;Question: For those who like dealing with people, small business is the place to be.;Question: The SBA makes a special effort to;Question: To qualify as a small business, a manufacturing plant can employ no more than _____ people?;Question: Tweeting and blogging are referenced to using social media Internet sites.;Question: Common names for top-level managers are vice president, chief executive officer, and chief operating officer.;Question: Anthony Stevens is a college graduate trying to gain an entry-level management position with Dell computer. Although he has relevant previous work experience and a strong resume, his interviews have been very poor. Anthony probably needs to strengthen his _______ skills.;Question: Most Small Business Administration loans are actually made by;Question: Brian wants to start a business that provides canoe and kayak trips. he decides that it would be better to ask his brother Brad to become his partner because;Question: The simplest form of business owned and operated by one person is called a _________.;Question: When looking at the company's sales figures, Martha sees that her salespeople have not achieved high sales in Japan. She is at what stage in the managerial decision-making process?;Question: Which of the following is not a step in the decision-making process?;Question: Eric decides to purchase and operate a Subway restaurant. Eric is the;Question: The leadership style advocating that a leader involves subordinates in most decisions as well as the assignment of tasks is called


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