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Business Management: Operations management and behavior MCQs




Question 1:Question: A basketball team is an example of what kind of interdependence? A Sequential interdependenceB Reciprocal interdependenceC Integrated interdependenceD Pooled interdependence;Question2: Giving good feedback can help ?teach? new behavior: A TrueB False;Question3: Juran and Deming began what has become known as the: A Quality enhancement program (QEP).B Total quality management movement (TQM).C Structured views of creativity (SVC).D Socio-technical systems theory of management (STM).;Question 4:Question: An accommodating approach to dealing with conflict is the best to use in disputes that are of far greater importance to the other group than they are to your group. A TrueB False;Question 5Giving specific performance goals as opposed to more general ones: A Tends to create confusion about what exactly constitutes a person?s job.B Helps to increase the odds that at least those goals will be met.C Makes it less operationalized.D Is always best when you want people to be empowered.;Question 6:Question: Surfing the Internet for personal reasons is often called: A CyberslackingB Social loafingC Group thinkD Defamation;Question 7Question: Strong cohesion is always a good characteristic relative to team performance. A TrueB False;Question 8:Question: Making accusations of wrongdoing or incompetence or derogatory statements on any evaluation ?performance or otherwise, may result in a defamation lawsuit. A TrueB False;Question 9:Question: Joe, who works in the technology department, under false pretence tells Mary who works in accounting, that he needs to know a coworker, Tom?s, social security number to create a new email for him. Joe has: A Committed an abuse of powerB Committed fraudC Committed defamationD Committed tortuous interference;Question 10:Question: The research literature into conflict has suggested that it all results from someone?s misbehavior. A TrueB False;Question 11What sort of social influences are used to levy or gain approval or avoid rejection such as with peer pressure: A IdentificationB BehavioralC PrescriptiveD Normative;Question 12The illusion of power is: A Someone claiming to make more money and therefore hold more responsibility than another.B Ability to significantly influence others simply because he or she is perceived to have power.C A manager empowering his or her employees.D A temporary position, such as an ?acting? vice president.;Question 13Which is NOT one of the group development stages described by Tuckman: A StormingB NormingC FormingD Diffusing;Question 14As people interact they tend to become increasingly cohesive, where their ideas become increasingly congruent. A TrueB False;Question 15:As social influences and cohesion increase, teams tend to diffuse responsibility for risk leading to the taking more extreme positions than occur otherwise. This is called: A Extreme shiftB Risk or risky shiftC Group peer pressureD Social loafing;Question 16Actions people take to try to control how others perceive them is called: A InterdependenceB Interactional justiceC Impression managementD A diversionary tacticQuestion 17High interdependence is one potential source of conflict: A TrueB False;Question 18:A problem-solving approach to conflict is best to use when both groups are willing to invest time and effort to reach a resolution that maximizes everyone?s outcome. A TrueB False;Question 19:When a company collapses or reduces its pay grades to the greatest extent possible, this is called: A Pay equity.B Pay for performance.C Broadbanding.D A cafeteria-style pay benefit.;Question 20:Which one is TRUE of group risk-shift: A Group takes on greater responsibility for the consequences of an act.B Greater chances are taken because risk can be diffused across the group.C Group takes specific roles of accountability to isolate the risks to individuals.D Group takes actions to avoid risks and protect the group.


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