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Case Discussion Questions;Prada: To IPO or Not to IPOThat is the Question (Again);1) At the time of the case, what is the current and future outlook for the luxury;goods market segment? What has been Pradas growth, and how is Prada;positioned in this market (again, at the time of the case)?;2) Why do companies (in general) wish to raise capital outside of their home;markets? What are the costs which must be weighed? Why is Prada interested in;raising capital (capital generally---debt or equity) at this time? That is, why not;rely on internal sources of funding?;3) What is your view on whether Prada should raise funds in debt or equity? Why?;What are the (general) costs and benefits of the two ways of raising capital?;4) If Prada were to raise money in the debt markets, what choices would it have?;What are the advantages and disadvantages of different debt choices?;5);If Prada wished to consider raising equity rather than debt, what choices would it;have? What are the advantages & disadvantages of the different alternatives it;faces? Does the country matter? Does the type of investor matter?;6) What would you recommend Prada do? Do you think the lessons of this case;translate broadly to other types of companies?;ANSWER ONLY 4 QUESTIONS


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