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I need to do an financial analysis on PENN Nationa...




I need to do an financial analysis on PENN National Gaming using the following guidelines:"1.) A brief but concise introduction to the company including: - Corporate history - Industry - Primary Competitors - Primary Products and/or Services 2.) A financial analysis of the company using ratios relevant to your company and industry. (These ratios must be accompanied by commentary explaining their meaning and relevance.) Not every ratio will be relevant in your analysis. However, a minimum of 10 these ratios must be used. If necessary, you may discuss a ratio not listed here. - Liquidity Ratios (Current or Quick?not both) - Days Sales Outstanding - Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio - Total Asset Turnover Ratio - Debt Ratio - Times Interest Earned Ratio - EBITDA Ratio - Profit Margin on Sales Ratio - Basic Earning Power Ratio - Return on Total Assets Ratio - Return on Common Equity - Price/Earnings Ratio - Price/Cash Flow Ratio - Market/Book Ratio 3.) A benchmark comparison of your company against its primary competitor AND its industry using the 10 previously used ratios. Go to for industry groupings. 4.) A listing and discussion of possible Real Options available to your company. All 4 must be used. If one is not applicable, then list the real option and justify why it is not applicable. - Investment Timing - Abandonment - Growth - Flexibility 5.) A discussion of how your company is affected by and dealing with fluctuations in the value of the U.S. Dollar. 6.) A discussion of how your company is affected by and dealing with the tight credit markets. 7.) A discussion of your company is affected by and dealing with the global rise in commodity prices. 8.) A discussion of a current event not listed here?how is the company affected by this issue and how are they dealing with it. (The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The Economist, and the Financial Times are good sources.) & CANNOT be used as sources. 9.) At the conclusion of your paper, you must include a buy/sell/neutral recommendation regarding your company?s stock. (Your recommendation is based on the results of your research on #1 through #9. Utilize the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) to determine if the company?s stock is underpriced, overpriced, or fairly priced Also include a screen shot of a graphic of the company?s stock price for the most current one-year period.) 10.) The writing style accounts for the final 10%. This paper must be written in APA style and on a level reflective of a professional MBA student. All financial figures MUST be listed or converted into U.S Dollars I have attached the info that I have started with, please help if you can!


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