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Industry section. In this section provide a brief description of the industry outlook.




1. Industry section. In this section provide a brief description of the industry outlook.;Your primary resources here are some of the publications mentioned in chapter 5 of your;textbook (e.g. Standard & Poor?s Industry Surveys, Value Line investment Survey, etc.).;I recommend that each one of the group members reviews a different industry;publication and provides a summary industry description identifying where the;information was obtained from.;2. Complete the ?FR & Comparisons? worksheet in the ?Comparison with Industry;Peers? file based on the financial statements of your company ? you can find these;statements approximately in the middle of the supplied 10K reports (right after or before;the independent auditor?s report), specifically, you need to submit the following;a) The financial summary and ratio calculations using the formula sheet (all the areas;that are highlighted in yellow).;b) Perform trend analysis. Using the ratios that you calculated, identify the areas that;show improvement and the areas of potential concern. You can describe the trends in;simple terms such as improving, stable, fluctuating, etc.;c) Under the RMA Norm column, list the industry median values for the subject ratios;(the ones highlighted in yellow). Then compare your ratios to the industry ones and;indicate whether they are better/favorable, worse/unfavorable or the same.;d) Compare your company?s ratios to the ratios of the other companies in your group;what you need to do here is to rank the ratios for your companies for the most recent;year i.e. 1, 2, 3 ? with 1 being the best. You can use the last column in this worksheet;to present your comparisons.;3. For your company, assuming an anticipated 10% sales increase in the following year;calculate the following;a. Working Assets in the most recent year that you have data for.;b. Working Liabilities in the most recent year that you have data for.;c. Working Investment in the same year.;d. Working Investment Factor in the same year.;e. New Working Investment in the following year.;f. What are the company?s additional working investment needs in the upcoming year?;g. Can the company cover these additional needs internally? If not, how much it needs;from external sources?;It should be noted that items a through c have already been calculated in your worksheet;but they should be shown again here for comparison purposes.;4. For your company, provide answers to the following questions;a. Why has leverage increased or decreased during this period?;b. Is your company using debt efficiently? (Use the financial leverage index ratio);c. How well is your company covering fixed charges? (Use the times interest earned, the;fixed charge coverage and the cash flow adequacy ratios).;i will provide the 10-k, i want to know what would be the price, thank you.


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