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Mat 540 week 8 chapt 4 problem 30




Mat 540 week 8 chapt 4 problem 30;A publishing house publishes three weekly magazines?Daily Life,Agriculture Today,and Surf?s Up.;Publication of one issue of each of the magazines requires the following amounts of production;time and paper;Each week the publisher has available 120 hours of production time and 3,000 pounds of paper.;Total circulation for all three magazines must exceed 5,000 issues per week if the company is to;keep its advertisers. The selling price per issue is $2.25 for Daily Life, $4.00 for Agriculture Today;and $1.50 for Surf?s Up. Based on past sales, the publisher knows that the maximum weekly;demand for Daily Life is 3,000 issues, for Agriculture Today, 2,000 issues, and for Surf?s Up, 6,000;issues.The production manager wants to know the number of issues of each magazine to produce;weekly in order to maximize total sales revenue.;a. Formulate a linear programming model for this problem.;b. Solve the model by using the computer.


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