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Seaport BUS C150 Quiz 4 - 15th Ed. (Graded) 2014




Seaport Quiz / Exam:BUS C150 Quiz 4- 15th Ed.;Quiz/Exam Complete;Results (Percent Correct): 100%;Question: The type of advertising that seeks to develop initial demand for a newly introduced good, service, organization, person, place, idea, or cause is known as _____ advertising.;Question: Persuasive advertising;Question: Coke and Pepsi feature nearly three dozen movie stars, athletes, musicians, and television personalities as spokespeople in their effort to increase cola sales. Such promotional efforts are called;Question: According to studies, consumers respond with suspicion to;Question: Oriental Insurance promotes identity theft insurance with an advertisement that warns of stolen credit cards and falsified social security numbers. Which appeal is being used in this commercial to motivate the viewer to act?;Question: Nathan, a teenager, often visits Facebook. If MySpace inserts a link on his Facebook page that redirects him to the MySpace webpage, such ads would be examples of _____.;Question: Lack of flexibility compared to other media is the biggest disadvantage of;Question: The number of times a person is exposed to an advertisement during a certain time period is known as;Question: The role of a sales representative in the promotion process has changed from that of persuader to that of;Question: Company executives usually recognize a good salesperson as a worker;Question: Which of the following is not a function of relationship selling?;Question: One important advantage of personal selling over most advertising is;Question: Many credit cards offer so-called "teaser" rates -- low introductory rates that rise after a few months. The use of teaser rates is an example of which type of pricing objective?;Question: Which market structure best describes the U.S. auto industry?;Question: Demand is said to be inelastic when the;Question: Which of the following products will have a high price elasticity of demand?;Question: The most popular method of pricing is _____ pricing.;Question: The breakeven point is the point at which the;Question: To distinguish their high-end products from similar products of their competitors, some companies use a _____ pricing strategy.;Question: A strategy of offering prices that are consistently lower than those of competitors is called _____ pricing.;Question: A product's market price is ordinarily the;Question: Which statement best describes allowances?;Question: An example of a rebate is;Question: Consumers today perceive that, within price limits, there is;Question: Retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe's, who offer to meet or beat the best price offered by their competitors, use the strategy of _____ pricing.


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