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Phase 1 Individual Project




Phase 1 Individual Project;For the process of writing in a graduate-level course, you are expected to have a solid grasp of writing a well-researched assignment. The Internet offers a large amount of information, but the vast majority of it is not scholarly. Therefore, it is important to be able to identify what is a good resource and what is not. One way to evaluate information is to look at some of the distinguishing factors of the resource, such as the following;?Is the information current and timely?;?Is the information relevant and useful?;?What is the source of the information, and how legitimate is this source?;?Is the information both accurate and objective?;?What is the reason and purpose for the information, and is there any bias from the author?;Be sure to read Evaluating Resources for more information.;Your first task will be to identify a subject that you could conceivably write about in your graduate studies. For example, you may be working on a Masters in Information Technology, and you have an interest in virtual identities.;Your next step will be to identify 3 resources on the subject using the CTU Library and the Internet.;Use this template to complete the remaining steps of this assignment.;For each article, you should identify which criteria it meets or does not meet. Try to find 1 article that fits each of the following (3 total);?1 resource should be a high-quality resource that meets all of the criteria.;?1 resource should be a solid-quality resource that meets some of the criteria and could still be useful for your research.;?1 resource should be a poor resource that meets few of the criteria and should not be included in your research.;Next, write 1?2 sentences discussing the quality of the article. Then, write a short paragraph explaining the subject matter you identified. The paragraph should include the following;?An overview of the topic.;?What you learned from your resources.;?Why subject is interesting to you and/or your reader.;Finally, write a properly-formatted APA reference for each resource.


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