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Linear Profit Models




Linear Profit Models;Linear Profit Models;This week, you began your examination of the tools that managers use to make decisions, develop external reports, and control organizational activities. Specifically, you focused on linear profit modeling as a means for calculating break-even point and target profits. Using this week?s Learning Resources and other resources that you might choose to investigate, answer the following questions for this week?s class discussion;Refer to the ?Whopper to Go? article in The Economist. How can Burger King?s profitability problems be framed in a linear profit model? (Note: Numbers are not required to frame this problem mathematically.);How do linear profit models relate to GAAP-basis income statements?;How well do linear profit models fit the real world?;Why might linear cost models be inappropriate? Why might they not be useful?;Why are linear profit models used in financial decision making?;What are the limitations of using linear profit models in financial decision making?;d paste your question here...


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