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I have attached question and solution written by one of class mate.(Stephon) I need you help to read this and prepare a argument based on following guidelines. It is not necessary to cover all the below point. If you find something wrong in the solution and disagreement please articulate that. ? contribute original views ? build creatively on the views of others ? show intelligent critique of theory or practice ? add an international or cultural aspect to the class ? show originality in the application of theory ? clarify the theory being studied solution should in the 2 ? 3 paragraphs.,In terms of developing the tactical and strategic goals that could serve as benchmarks for the purpose of compensation of the management: do you expect them to be both financial and non financial performance goals? Also, how do you view the pyramid of compensation established starting from the top executive echelon and going down to line managers? Should they all be compensated by Fixed+bonus?


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