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BUSINESS Unit 3 Assignment - Code of Conduct




Instructions;Identify two websites relevant to you and your career. These websites can be your company?s;website, the website for a company you find interesting, an association that is relevant to your current;job or profession, or a website that is relevant to your future planned career. An example of such a;website is the American Psychological Association. Review their Code of Conduct and/or any;information that provides guidelines on how members are expected to behave. Sometimes the Code;of Conduct is a separate document. Other times expected behaviors are within their other materials.;Based on the two websites you identified above, review their Code of Conduct and/or any information;that provides guidelines on how members should behave, then answer the following questions;1. How extensive are the codes from the two organizations/associations?;2. Do these codes reflect values? What values?;3. Do these codes reflect laws and policies? How?;4. What kinds of actions do the codes cover?;5. Are there ramifications for violations? How extensive are the ramifications?;6. What influence do you believe these codes of conduct have on the decision-making;behavior of their members or employees?;Each answer should be a paragraph or two and well written. Include a title page and the questions;with answers. Cite and reference as needed. Identify the two organizations you used. Write a brief;introduction, answer each question under separate headings, and then write a short conclusion.


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