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GSCM 440 Sourcing Report




The content of the Sourcing Report should be divided into the sections corresponding to the;?Report Components? shown below;1. Title Page;2. Executive Summary;Note: Not to exceed 1 page single spaced 12 point font;1. Student is to realize that the bottom line is what the Executive team is looking for.;Their expectation from you is that you did your due diligence.;In the summary you will explain the;o STRATEGIC FIT - Quality-Cost and Delivery;o How this decision helps us achieve current CORPORATE OBJECTIVES;o Allows us to meet BUDGET and MARGIN requirements;2. Any Critical Data and a Final Recommendation;Note now of any known issues that can impact the company in the future.;Milestone and Timeline of activities;i. Internal;ii. External;Sources of Supply;i. Outline an interview of prospective suppliers including activities that will lead to a good decision;ii. Check References;- Understand testimonials;Visit Plants and Distribution Centers to access their true capabilities;- Review their Quality Standards;- Access Management Skills and Experience;- Review basic Financials;- Review Quality Programs;- Review their Operations and Technology;Supplier Evaluation Criteria and scoring Matrix (Develop this as a table);- Capability;- Machinery, Labor, Knowledge;- Financial Standing;- Capacity and hours of operation;- Location of transportation and labor to facility;- Testing Capabilities;- Storage - Warehouse;Quote Submission;Your Quote Format can be fictitious but it must include several elements;- Spec;- Volume;- Terms and Conditions;- Confidentiality;- Title Transfer;- Warranty;Target price (if you chose to share this);Dates;- Due date of Quote;- Due date of Samples;- Production shipping deadline;- Date of Production;Supplier Quote should contain all of the above, plus;- Price;- Discounts;- Packaging;- Any other Terms and Conditions;- Lead-times;- Production Lot size and quantity breaks;- Any special handling needed;Supplier Selection and Product Acquisition;- Completeness of Quality, Cost and Delivery;- Certifications and Practices;- Agreements on Price of Cost adjustments due to Raw Materials and Currency;Preliminary Award;- Must produce sample parts off of a production process;- Submit parts to the Buyers Company Quality group for validation of Specification;- Notify the Vendor of any nonconformities if they exist (up to the student if they want to purse;this);- Action plan if there are nonconformities;Award the business;- Finalize transportation and Packaging;- Finalize Import Legal Documentation


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