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DeVry BSOP 326 Week 2 Quality Awards and Standards Discussion Question




Quality Awards and Standards (graded);The authors of our text talk about the Baldrige Award throughout their book. In previous versions, they even designed their text around this award. Given that our course is about TQM, an in-depth discussion of the Deming Award would seem to be appropriate. Why do I say this? If you look at the textbook, you see that the authors state that "the Deming Prize establishes a framework for a CWQC [Company Wide Quality Control] system" (p. 122). CWQC embodies what we would call TQM here in the U.S.;So let's do some research. Put on your investigative hats and see what you can find about the Deming Award. You can use the Internet or or any other sources you have available.;How do you see the Deming Prize criteria fitting into TQM? How does the Deming Prize compare to the Baldrige Award? What are the differences and similarities between the Deming Prize and the Baldrige Award?;***********;Now after saying all that let me state that ISO 9000 is probably one of the best things to happen to the quality movement. ISO is easily attainable and it allows you to create a system specific to your industry. I think we need to look at ISO in detail.;1) Please list the five objectives of ISO 9000.;2) Please list the eight quality management principles.


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