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File attached. Please show me the work on those...




File attached. Please show me the work on those math questions. Thanks.,don't forget to show me the work.,okay thanks,OK,for the number 24, I got how you get the margin 4.20% but how did you find 10.94% ??,can you find other way to figure it out ? Just choosing numbers which is close to what you get isn't right when I'm paying for getting answers. and for the number 13, you chose B as an answer but for current ratio has nothing to do with long-term debt. can you tell me why B is the answer?,for the 24, use X(sales/assets)(equity multiplayers) = 15% and try to find the X. and plus equity multipliers will be just 1 since there's no debt...... the answer will be 9.45% and it is on the answer sheet. this is ridiculous. and I want you to tell me why number 5 is true, cause it seems like its false to me. your answers do not even worth $30 seriously....


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