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Totals Recorded for the United State




Exhibit: Totals Recorded for the United States (billions of dollars)*;Durable goods consumption $ 497;Nondurable goods consumption 1,301;Services consumption 2,342;Business fixed investment 566;Residential fixed investment 224;Inventory investment 7;Federal government purchases 449;State and local government purchases 683;Exports 640;Imports 670;Excess of GNP over GDP 7;Depreciation 658;Indirect business taxes 551;Corporate profits;(includes wage accruals less disbursements);387;Social insurance contributions 556;Net interest 442;Dividends (includes business transfer payments) 162;Government transfers to individuals 837;Personal interest income 694;Personal tax and nontax payments 645;*Note: The numbers given in this exhibit and the answers to the following questions differ from those in Table 2-1 in the body of the text.;1 a. What were GDP, consumption expenditures, investment expenditures, government purchases, and net exports? (Exhibit: Totals Recorded for United States) (10 points);1 b. (Exhibit: Totals Recorded for United States);What were net domestic product, national income, personal income, and disposable personal income? (5 points)


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