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Sonya Transportation purchased three used buses




Sonya Transportation purchased three used buses;In recent years, Sonya Transportation purchased three used buses. Because of frequent turnover in the accounting department, a different accountant selected the depreciation method for each bus, and various methods were selected. Information concerning the buses is summarized below.;Bus Acquired Cost Salvage;Value Useful Life;in Years Depreciation;Method;1 1/1/10 $ 117,400 $ 6,600 4 Straight-line;2 1/1/10 298,000 12,000 5 Declining-balance;3 1/1/11 84,030 9,000 4 Units-of-activity;For the declining-balance method, the company uses the double-declining rate. For the units-ofactivity method, total miles are expected to be 123,000. Actual miles of use in the first 3 years were: 2011, 24,800, 2012, 35,600, and 2013, 29,300.;(a1);Calculate depreciation expense per mile under units-of-activity method. (Round answer to 2 decimal places, e.g. $0.50.);Depreciation expense per mile $ pixel.gif per mile


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