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I am resubmitting for the $30 per your email.,In your solution you have the dividend paid as $320K but both siblings received $63K each for a total of $126K. Am I missing something? 1 Total dividend paid 320000 Total Earnings 762000 Payout ratio 0.419947507 Retention ratio 0.580052493 Growth rate 0.104986877 Calculating total equity value D1/(R-g) 1767839.895 You also have EPS for the industry as .64 but the problem I submitted has Industry average as $0.56. Why the difference? 2 Industry EPS 0.64 Industry payout ratio 0.640625 Industry retention ratio 0.359375 Industry growth rate 0.04671875 Value per share 11.7855993 I'm submitting the original case study to help.


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